On Saturday 16th September 2017, my family and I will be joining the “Walking Out Of Darkness” event in Weston Super Mare, to raise awareness of Mental Health, to help end the Stigma surrounding Mental Illness, and to raise funds for the incredible Blurt Foundation.

The walk is 10 miles long and wheelchair accessible so we’re excited to be able to take both girls on the route with us.

My history with Depression is long and there have been many times when I thought I wouldn’t find my way out of the black hole again. Throughout the years I have come into contact with many people fighting their own battles with Mental Illnesses, and it saddens me greatly that most continue to suffer in silence because of the Stigma that exists.

For a while now I have had contact with The Blurt Foundation, receiving their weekly emails which are like a ray of light in my inbox and reading their blog posts which shows how much they truly DO understand Depression. They also run a Peer Support Group on Facebook which really is the most supportive group of people I have ever come across.

I am honoured to have recently become a Volunteer with Blurt. They have given me my life back – I feel there is finally a reason why I have had the demons for so long – so I can help others.

Training me ready for my role and doing the necessary paperwork however has cost Blurt money and so it would be really ace if we could raise enough with this walk to reimburse them and enable them to help others – although it is impossible to put a figure on what it means to know they have belief in me.

This is from their website, and explains exactly what they do – and why I love them so much –

“Think of us as the knowing nod. You’ve seen it – a slight bob of the head, often accompanied by a smile. A little movement that says, “I understand”, “I’m listening” and “I’m here for you”. That’s us.”

Mental Illness will affect 1 in 4 of us, please sponsor as much as you can by clicking on our LocalGiving link – Team Creamer Walk Out Of Darkness

Thank you!

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